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    Island services     Country services
*Alarm numbers of Bonaire *Algemeen Pensioenfonds van de
 Nederlandse Antillen (APNA)
*Agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishery *Bailiffs
*Airport *Banko di Seguro sosial (SVB)
*Dienst ruimtelijke ontwikkeling en beheer *Central office of statistics (CBS)
*Economical business and
  labor concerns (DEZA)
*Education- and culture services *Department of finance
*Embassies and consulates *Department of justice
*Government *Department of labor- and
 social business (ARSOZA)
*Health care- and hygiene services *Department of land-registry & mortgage
*Island councillors *Fire-, calamity departments and ambulance
*Librarie *Fractiekantoor staten
*Local authorities *Guardians' supervisory board
*Port- and pilot services *Judiciary
*S.S.V. security services *Laboratory (country)
*Welfare- and civil services *Meteorological services
*Water en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB) *Prison system
*Probation system and
 judicature care Bonaire
*Public ministries
*Tax office

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